May 172016

This is our first official post since we pivoted our business, so first of all we want to welcome you to phlux and wish you a lot of fun. In this post you will find out what’s the best deck combination in our opinion of course and what cards should you use in which situation.

After we did quite a bit testing, we decided that this is the best deck combo. We call it CR killer deck. You can see it on the picture below, and if you want below that you can read more in depth analysis. Also note, this is the best deck for Arena 3, 4, 5 and 6. In some of the next post we will write about best decks for arena 7 (final arena).

As you can see, the average elixir of this deck is four and we think that’s pretty much standard.

List Of Cards

  1. Tesla
  2. Barbarians
  3. Hog Rider
  4. Prince
  5. Minions
  6. Minion Horde
  7. Arrows
  8. Bomber

As you can see there is just one building card and one spell card, and that’s optimal. Barbarians and prince is used as tank cards, bomber and minion horde for AOE damage and minions and hog for tower damage.

Strategy With This Deck

As you can see from this list of cards, it’s pretty defensive deck and the strategy needs to be defensive as well. Every time they play some tank card you can use minions, minion horde or barbarians. When they use something like minion horde, you can defend yourself with arrows and to take down the tower you should use hog rider in combination with minions or prince in combination with bomber. If they have more tank cards then Tesla tower comes handy and you can put it in the middle in front of your king. But overall strategy is pretty much defense until you get the chance to unleash your hog rider. If on the other hand they have lots of skeletons, goblins and other cheap cards, you can always use bomber against them. If you don’t have all these cards, then check out below, to see how to get them.

How To Get Best Clash Royale Cards

There are several ways to achieve that, and of course almost all of them include having huge amounts of gems to waste. Sure you can play until you collect all the cards you need, and level up some of the cards you already have in the process, but that’s too slow and time consuming. Supercell made it that way, because of course they want to turn profit and convince you to buy huge amounts of gems. This is luxury gaming website, so I believe most of you have funds to buy gems, but for those of you who don’t there’s some other methods. For example there’s a ton of apps for android and ios where you can collect points and then redeem it to gems in clash royale or some other freemium game currency. It’s also time consuming but at least you get the gems for free. Recently we learned another way to get free Clash Royale gems and it’s pretty easy one, all you need is Clash Royale Gems Generator and you are ready to go. There’s a lot of these kind of tools available, but we suggest you to use the one we mentioned below, because so far it’s the only one we discovered that actually works. They also have great support, so if you come across any kind of problems, they will help you pretty quickly.